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A picture is worth a thousand words and
that is why we use only the best photographers to represent your property. Today’s vacation rental market is highly competitive, and you only have one opportunity to make a first impression with prospective guests online.
Besides the goal of reaching new customers and managing properties and reservations easily and effectively, our site was designed to balance accounting, housekeeping, and maintenance to better serve our owners and increase their bottom line. As technology changes we want to be ready to take advantage of those changes to better serve our owners and guests.
RELAX Palm Springs wants to make sure your property is found, that is why in addition to our website, we cross market your property on VRBO, HomeAway and AirBnB. You never know where the next guest will be coming from and we want to make sure you are covered.

The Internet has changed way customers acquire information. RELAX actively populates our social media platforms and promote them to target multiple demographics to attract potential guests. Our platforms also offer current guests an interactive space to post and share their experience at our homes.

Many of our guests are repeat customers and have provided glowing reviews on our properties and the service that RELAX Palm Springs has provided, that is why we continually communicate on new properties that are coming to market as well as exciting things happening in the Palm Springs area.
RELAX Palm Springs searches for the
right balance between print and online
media that best exemplifies the
Palm Springs lifestyle. Being involved
with our local outreach to attract
visitors to our valley and the
unique experiences afforded
  by staying at a vacation rental.