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Terms and Conditions

Payments are made in either two or three installments; determination is based on how far in advance you are booking. Some Holidays and Special Events are paid in full at the time of booking. All balances are paid two weeks prior to arrival. RELAX Palm Springs accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
The City of Palm Springs requires that the responsible party or renter (the GUEST) be 25 years of age or older. The responsible party will need to provide a scanned copy of a government-issued ID at the time booking. This will aid in verifying age and identity. The City of Palm Springs also requires management to verify and crosscheck this documentation in person upon arrival. In addition, within 48 hours of booking confirmation, you will need to provide a full roster of all guest names and their email addresses. Every adult guest will receive documentation via email to electronically sign regarding the rules and regulations of the house. Upon check-in, the City requires that each guest “wet sign” the identical documentation that they signed electronically. If the guest list changes prior to arrival, management should be advised immediately so that new guests receive the identical information and required documentation.
Check-in time is between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm (PST) on the day of scheduled arrival. Within two weeks of arrival, the responsible party will receive an e-mail regarding access to the property. This email will include the property address, driving directions, and other arrival arrangements that will need to be made. RELAX representative will meet you at the home. Keys and clickers will be exchanged and a walk-through will occur to make sure guest is acquainted with the home, its operation and amenities. Management is also required to review city regulations in-person and collect “wet” signatures on certain documents. Check-in is an important step to make sure you are aware of all the rules/regulations and should not be taken lightly. Check-in takes 15-20 minutes.

As the responsible party, if you are arriving after 5:00 pm (PST), please notify RPS as soon as possible so arrangements can be made to access the property after hours. The city requires an in-person meeting at the property within the first 24 hours of residence to discuss rules and regulations, collect signatures, etc.

Check-out time is before 10:00 am (PST) on the scheduled day of departure. A RELAX representative will meet me at an arranged time to recover the keys and clickers (where applicable). Other arrangements will be made to make my departure convenient if you are leaving earlier or an RELAX representative can not meet you at check-out. Feedback is always appreciated and a disclosure of broken items is also appreciated.

Early check-in(s) and late check-out(s) are sometimes available and may incur additional fees. Management will confirm any flexibility when available.

Vacation rental properties are located in quiet, private neighborhoods and the City of Palm Springs has set forth the “Good Neighbor” policy outlining key factors to keep in mind while in residence. This includes, but is not limited to, the Noise, Responsibility, Parking, Number of Guests and Pets as outlined below. Violations of these policies jeopardize the permit for each house to operate as a rental so it is expected that all guests to the property will respect the investment made in each home and the potential for loss if loss of Permit is to occur. A copy of the Good Neighbor Policy (see full document) is provided at check-in per City of Palm Springs regulation.

The City of Palm Springs has a strictly enforced sound ordinance. No outdoor music (at all, ever) is permitted during the day or night. People noise (outdoor/pool noise) is permissible during the day (10:00 am – 9:00 pm) but it should be reasonable and measured considering the residential neighborhood location of the home. People noise (outdoor/pool noise) should be non-existent after 9:00 pm. City regulations mandate a people noise curfew at 10:00 pm. In an abundance of caution, RELAX Palm Springs operates with a 9:00 pm Sound Curfew to ensure an appropriate wind-down and silence is achieved by city-mandated 10:00 pm. City of Palm Springs Vacation Rental City Ordinance No. 1918 (see full Ordinance).

Reasonable and measured people or pool noise is permissible during the day after 10:00 am, but not after 9:00 pm. After 9:00 pm, it should sound as though NO ONE is outside. After 10:00 pm, it’s reasonable to expect everyone is inside the home with doors closed. At night, even 2 or 3 voices will carry and be clearly audible to neighbors and that is not permissible. Again: outdoor amplified sound (TV, music, phones, etc.) is prohibited any time. If you are playing music inside the home, doors MUST be closed.

Any noise complaint(s) that requires action by RELAX Palm Springs may incur additional charges which will be deducted from the $500 security deposit. If ANY fine or citation is issued, all guests will be required to immediately vacate the property, without refund. The responsible party will be responsible for all fines incurred by RELAX Palm Springs due to any of the guest actions. The city will measure sound complaints with a decibel reader at street level and will cite guest directly. Fines received by you or your guests are my own financial responsibility.

Throughout the stay it is expected that all the property and all of its contents will be properly maintained. Agreement to replace or repair any breakage, damage or loss caused during the stay will be agreed to at time of signing all contracts. “Normal” wear-and-tear is considered reasonable and exempt from damage inclusion.

Federal, State, Local, Intellectual Property or Trademark laws will not be violated while in residence and using wireless, internet, cable or phone services. The IP address, date and time of violations is traceable and will be documented.

Creating any unlawful disturbance and/or engaging in disorderly conduct at any RELAX Palm Springs vacation rental property is prohibited.

The number of guests on property limited and set forth by Palm Springs City law and must be adhered to at all times. Children are counted in the guest headcount unless sleeping in a crib; usually under the age of two. Some homes may accommodate two more children under the age of 12. All overnight guests must be disclosed to management as well as any additional daytime visitors.

Any changes to previous considerations must be disclosed immediately.

Having more guests than is indicated without prior approval of management is considered a violation of the rental agreement and will result in expulsion from the property without refund. If there are any concerns, an open dialog with management is always best and appreciated.

The City limits the number of cars based on the bedroom count of each home. There cannot be more cars than the city-stated limit at any given time. The cars should first be parked in the garage (where available) and driveway. Street parking should be used as a back-up situation only and parking when utilized on street should be directly in front of the home you rented.

Trash is to be placed into the city-provided trash bins. Every property is provided with at least one trash and one recycle bin. The trash company will come to the property and place the bins curbside and return them to their designated location. Days of trash pick up are posted on the house information sheet and the bulk of accumulated trash should be placed out the day before to so as not to back up the following week/following stay.

Dogs are welcome on property ONLY with prior approval from management and are limited to no more than two (2) per reservation when approved. No other pet (of any kind) is allowed on property. Any pet not disclosed (even a dog) is considered a violation and may result in any damages or fees. Any/all damage caused by your or any of your guest’s pet(s) is the responsibility of the responsible party. The City requires that dogs leaving the property will be leashed at all time. Excessive barking or other related disturbances should be resolved quickly so as not to become a situation that would warrant a noise complaint (see NOISE).

90 Days Prior to Scheduled Arrival Date
A full refund of any advance deposit(s) or pre-paid amounts less a $250 cancelation fee and any credit card or processing fees RELAX Palm Springs might incur.

Between 0-90 Days Prior to Scheduled Arrival
No refund guaranteed. However, if RELAX Palm Springs is able to re-rent the property, a refund in the re-rented amount, up to any pre-paid totals, less a $250 cancelation fee and any credit card are processing fees incurred in the refund.

Early Departures
No refund

Special Events, Holidays, Long-Term Rentals
Event Weekends, Holidays and long-term rentals (stays 28 nights or more), will receive no refunds unless RELAX Palm Springs is able to re-rent at equal value (see 0-90 days).

Private residences are NOT subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, RELAX Palm Springs will help evaluate the home to see if it can/will meet any special needs required. When traveling with individuals that are elderly, have a disability or other special needs, let RELAX Palm Springs know during the process of booking the home; certainly before arrival. Every reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate these needs so that every guest is able to enjoy their stay.

Mechanical issues or damaged property should be made to RELAX Palm Springs within 24 hours of arrival or following any occurrence.

As the property you are renting is a private home, no guarantee can be made against the mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, appliances, cable equipment, pools/spas and the like. If you encounter any malfunctions, advise management immediately. Every reasonable measure will be taken to repair any equipment quickly and efficiently. However, no refunds will be given except under extraordinary circumstances.

Some issues are caused by operator error and can easily be resolved with instructions over the phone. If the problem persists, a representative will be dispatched. Unneeded service calls can result in additional charges. Unneeded service calls include items like: not giving the spa enough time to heat up or not following written or phone instructions.

The owner(s) of the property reserve the right to remove any amenity or special feature without prior notice.

Cleaning fees are are required and non-refundable and are based on the size of the property. Guests are expected to care for and treat the home with respect and return the home on departure in a condition that reflects that care and respect. Excessive cleaning fees may occur whens guests fail to act accordingly.

A $500 refundable security deposit and a variable property damage installment is required. This covers noise ordinance fines, excessive property damage and excessive cleaning costs. Any excessive or negligent damage to the contents of the property or any noise complaint violations (see NOISE) may be deducted, at RELAX Palm Springs’ discretion from this security deposit.

The damage deposit may be used to cover excessive maintenance or cleaning due to excessive use. While guests are not expected to clean before departing, guests are expected to return the home in a reasonable condition defined as “normal wear and tear”. Leaving a few dishes in the sink or towels on the floor is reasonable. Excessive use includes, but is not limited to, excessive dirty dishes, excessive laundry, excessive trash, alterations to house features (such as TV cables or Internet settings), re-arranged furniture, foot or shoe marks on furniture, leaving cigarette butts, bottles and cans where they don’t belong or leaving event debris such as banners, party decorations, glitter or any other instance requiring special maintenance or cleaning and this is not appropriate. Excessive use/cleaning fees will be charged against the security deposit solely at RELAX Palm Springs’ discretion. Direct any concerns or a need for clarification to the property manager before or during your stay.

You agree to notify RELAX Palm Springs of any and all damage to the property or its content during your stay.

The Security Deposit, less any claims, will be refunded 2 weeks from the day of departure. The refundable security deposit may not be returned until all claims are settled. Deposit is returned onto the card submitted for the final deposit.

For stays 28 nights or more, an additional $1,500 utility deposit is required. This is for the utility usage (gas and/or electric) while in residence. Should the balance of usage be less than the $1,500 deposit, the difference will be refunded. If the balance is greater than the $1,500 deposit, the guest pays the difference.

Since utility bills rarely line up exactly with GUEST arrival and departure days, the bills are pro-rated according to the number of days occupied the home in each billing cycle. All bills are disclosed in a fully transparent process. To be clear, utilities are NOT a profit source.

Palm Springs city law requires an 11.5% occupancy tax be collected for each reservation less than 28 nights. The tax is calculated based on the base rental amount, cleaning fee, early check-in or late check-out fees or any other non-optional fees required to rent the property.

Pool use for guests and any visitors is swim at own risk. Pools are not gated so use extra caution, particularly when children are present. Some homes do not have spas. Please confirm with management to ensure you are not surprised on arrival.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas, while providing exercise, recreation, and relaxation, also can be dangerous. People (as well as pets) can be severely injured or drown if the pool, hot tub, or spa is not properly used.

Guests and invited guests must adhere to the following safe practices. No diving into the pool or spa/hot tub. No one should use the pool, hot tub, or spa alone. Long exposure may cause hypothermia, nausea, dizziness, fainting. Children are never be left unattended, for any reason, at the pool, spa/hot tub, not even for a few seconds. Pregnant women, the elderly, and those with health conditions should consult with their physician before getting into a hot tub or spa. Infants may not be taken into the hot tub or spa. No intoxicated persons, or persons using narcotics or prescriptions that might cause drowsiness, may use the pool, spa/hot tub.

No glass is to be used around the pool and spa/hot tub. Homes are provided with plastic dish ware for outdoor use.

Neither RELAX Palm Springs, the owner(s) of the property or their agents can assure the safety of persons using a pool, or spa/hot tub. As a consequence, guests assume liability for use of the pool, spa/hot tub, and all visitors’ use and the safety of the pet at the residence.

Guests and visitors will release, indemnify, hold harmless, and forever discharge RELAX Palm Springs, The City of Palm Springs, the property owner(s), their employees, agents, successors, and assigns, from any and all claims, liabilities or causes of action of any kind that responsible party, guests, and visitors may have against RELAX Palm Springs, the City of Palm Springs, the property owner(s), their employees, agents, successors, and assigns, resulting from the use of the pool and spa/hot tub.

Pools and spas (where available) are serviced twice a week. Winds in the desert are normal and will cause debris in the pool prior to your arrival. A pool skimmer is available for use between cleaning/technician visits. Should additional cleanings be required, it can be arranged for a fee and should be arranged through management.

Pools are heated to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, when pool heat is added to the stay. Tampering with the thermostat is prohibited and, if done, will incur an additional $50 charge/day. Spa/hot tub operation (where available) is included in the standard rental. These are heated to 104. How to operate the hot tubs of any features is demonstrated at check-in. Please be aware some spas/hot tub can take up to 1.5 hours to heat. There are a number of properties that do not have spas/hot tubs. Confirm with management if you are unsure about a possible rental.

Sometimes, if in constant or over-use, the water in both the pool and spa can become cloudy and is caused when body and suntan oils react adversely with the salt/chlorine in the pool. If this occurs, management should be contacted. An additional service call/charge may be required. Management can only attempt to resolve the issue when notified.

The pool is operated by remote access on the manager’s smartphone. With this, some issues may be resolved remotely without disturbing guests and visitors or. Tampering with pool and spa/hot tub settings, temperatures etc. are also discoverable through this technology. Pool heat can be added after check-in at the homes daily rate if the water is determined to be too cold by the guests. Management should be notified for activation when after check-in.

All RELAX Palm Springs properties are non-smoking INSIDE. Violations can result in additional cleaning and damage fees.

The home is a vacation rental and available for a temporary vacation stay. Renting is not a contract for lease and conveys no rights to the real property. No guest receives real property interest or rights to the property when renting.

All rules and regulations outlined by RELAX Palm Springs and homeowner are the responsibility of the responsible and they are taking responsibility for the condition of the owners’ property and all actions of any guests and visitors on the property. Guests and visitors are responsible for their own personal property and liable for any of their own actions that might be included but not limited to slips, falls, stolen property, etc. on or off the property. RELAX Palm Springs, the homeowners, their successors, agents, and assigns, shall be indemnified and hold harmless from any claims, causes of action, losses or injuries to any guest/visitor.

There is usually a 25% up charge on any commercial use of any homes. Management should be contacted to ensure proper insurance, city permits, etc. are obtained prior to shooting. All sound ordinance rules still apply. RELAX Palm Springs, LLC and the property owner(s) as additionally insured, held harmless, etc.

If RELAX Palm Springs is unable to perform, whole or in part, any of its obligations under this agreement, RELAX Palm Springs will not be in breach of its agreement provided the cause was beyond RELAX Palm Springs’ control. This includes, but is not limited to: change in ownership, damage or malfunctioning equipment, nearby disturbances, construction noise, fire or other casualty, failure or interruption of television and/or cable, computer viruses, acts of God, terrorism or any other cause outside the control of RELAX Palm Springs.

Any and all legal matters arising out of this agreement to rent shall be adjudicated in the City of Palm Springs, County of Riverside and the State of California. Should any provision in this agreement found to be invalid by a court or judicial tribunal, the balance of the agreement is still considered valid and enforceable. The guest and RELAX Palm Springs agree that any invalid or unenforceable clause found in this agreement will be replaced with a sound, valid and enforceable clause that best accomplishes the original clause’s economic impact. Should any dispute arise, the prevailing party shall be awarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. The Responsible Party and RELAX Palm Springs agree that facsimile and electronic signatures have the same authority as original, wet signatures.