Owner Success Plan

Thank you for you interest in Relax Palm Springs. Our goal is simple: to provide excellent service to homeowners and guests alike. Successful vacation rentals are a partnership between owners and managers who are both invested in the guest experience.


We provide clear and concise transactions. For guests and homeowners alike, no one likes cluttered accounting, and no one enjoys being nickeled and dimed. Relax Palm Springs provides clear and concise transactions to both parties. As homeowners, our operating structure and fees are outlined in the following materials. Rest assured that we will not be trying to make up the difference in transactions fees by tacking on additional charges or asking you to cover our own cost of doing business as an expense to you.

Monthly Inspection

Besides the income opportunity, be assured that quality attention is paid to the maintenance of your home. We have a monthly property inspection, independent and in addition to routine housekeeping, that is done on-sight, in-person, to ensure that a close eye is being kept on the upkeep of your property.


Clean and cared for homes inspire better manners from guests. If we show we care, guest(s) will, too. This applies to maintenance issues, too. Owner(s) should RELAX knowing someone is checking their home throughout the week, both days and nights from light bulbs to sprinkler heads.


RELAX PALM SPRINGS can help you style, furnish and equip your home to the right level and then build a book of business to maximize your investment here in the desert.

Guest Prequalification

We are supremely interested in making sure each guest’s occasion is the right fit for a home. Attention is paid to ensure desirable guests will respect the home AND the neighbors.

Guest Check-in/Check-out

Personalized, in-person check-in and check-outs at all of our homes; making guests feel welcome in your home and the city. By building relationships with guests, we inspire confidence in your product and guests feel a vested interest in caring for (what amounts to) a friend’s home.

New Homeowners

Click to be taken to our Contact Us page to submit your inquiry and Scott will call you back directly, to discuss your property, your goals with it, and to introduce you to the RelaxPS way of managing your peace of mind. 

Current Homeowners

Click to be taken to your homeowner portal to login to your dashboard for statements, upcoming reservations, automated bookings for yourself or guests, review service orders and so much more.