There are some items that we believe are the cost of doing business and items that we believe are worth the added cost doing ourselves to make the experience consistent, that is why RELAX Palm Springs provides or facilitates the following :

HOME PRESENTATION: Stage and shoot property for Rental Listing and other marketing.

GUEST RESERVATIONS: Coordinate reservations and the guests’ arrival, making sure the guest is met at the property, and departure, pick up keys and secure the property.

GUEST SERVICE: Provide every guest with superior customer service and unfettered access to support throughout their stay

HOUSEKEEPING: Coordinate the cleaning of the home after every departure (including owner visits)

LINEN PROGRAM: Sheets, towels and duvets are the hardest to maintain. We have our own stock to supply your home. While this helps absorb a majority of your typical linen expense, we do ask homeowners to contribute on an annual basis. Our management agreement details more information and contribution rates.

ACCOUNTING: Remit all taxes to city as regulated by city. File all permits as regulated by the city.

MAINTENANCE: Coordinate any maintenance that needs to happen at each home. Maintenance fees incurred will be deducted from the next calendar month’s statement.

Owner(s) Upfront Costs

There are some items that a homeowner should be aware of with regards to their upfront cost. Aside from the obvious furnishings, there some smaller details you should be aware of:

RENTAL PERMIT: Every home is required to file for a rental permit through the city. RELAX Palm Springs will file the permit with the city and deduct it from your first statement.

AMENITIES: While we do not like owner(s) to see ancillary charges every month for amenities, we do ask each owner to oblige us by giving us a “Rental Ready” home. We will prepare the home with an initial stock of guest amenities from soaps & shampoos to paper towels and deduct it from your initial statement. After that, our goal is for you to never be bothered with those charges again.

Fees and Disbursements

Our management fee is 30% of the base rental revenue. We do not charge you a percentage on tax totals, utility credits, or repairs. This falls in line with our approach to “clean” accounting. There’s only one number you look at to know how much we’re making. Owner disbursements are made by the 15th of each month. Disbursements are calculated based on departures in the prior calendar month.